The Globalist _ Global Politics — American Exceptionalism and the Politics of Foreign Policy

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The Globalist _ Global Politics — How We Lost American Exceptionalism

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The Globalist _ Global Politics — Democratic and Republican Exceptionalism

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The Globalist _ Global Politics — The Idea of American Exceptionalism

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Slouching Toward Tyranny

The state of civil liberties and national security in the United States is alarming. In the American Empire, the former are routinely crippled or lacerated in the false name of the latter. Trust in government plunges. Dangers are magnified manifold …


America’s Destiny Explained

Would that our leaders today understood and embraced the American spirit and understood the meaning of Republic as Pres. William G. Harding did in his 1921 Inaugural Address, our work to restore our country would be halved and halved again. Warren …


Leveraging and Language

Posted on May 10, 2010 by Carl Coon It can be interesting to watch the evolution of a word or a phrase as it emerges from the cocoon of a community of specialists and becomes part of the popular discourse. “Leveraging” is a …


Advice for a Declining Superpower

Many long years ago, when I was half my present age, I studied at the National War College and penned the following words as part of my thesis: …one area where our proclivity for pat answers seems to be giving …


Synopsis of Lean Mean Fighting Machine Plan to Cut Defense Spending

Reactionary measures that tinker on the margins of a fiscally unsustainable defense establishment will not rescue American military power from the budgetary Armageddon that lies ahead. American national military power is based on “capacity”, not just “capability” – capacity is …


“Too Big To Fail” and the Federal Reserve

COMMITTEE FOR THE REPUBLIC Bank Steering Committee Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution places responsibility for our monetary system in Congress. The Founder’s intent was best expressed by Thomas Jefferson: “If the American people ever allow private …