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Welcome to the First Branch!

Welcome citizen! If you have felt the call to duty, that you are compelled to do something to right our ship of state, to return to constitutionally limited government, restore fiscal accountability and responsibility, untangle business from the job killing web of government bureaucracy, end the era of “too big to fail” financial institutions, AND drive a stake through the heart of “crony capitalism” among other pressing concerns, then you have come to the right place!

The “first branch” is exactly that, it is where all government power begins and ends. It is the legislative arm of the citizens, it is where our laws come from, where the government spending and our taxation originates. Every ounce of liberty that we have lost has been as a result of legislation or regulation.   The first branch or Congress is not all powerful, it is the servant of the citizens and is duty bound to the U.S. Constitution and our will. The answer to the question “Who decides?” is….Read on

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