Who We Are

We are a band of modern day patriots who recognize that the status quo political establishment can no longer effectively and representatively serve the needs of the citizenry nor protect the liberties guaranteed under the Constitution.

We also recognize that, contrary to the view portrayed by the participants in the “political theater” of Washington D.C., Americans of all political stripes whether they be left or right of center, can and need to come together and work out solutions for many of the problems that plague us today.  Among the problems are the national debt, assaults on personal liberty, over reaching empire building, a staggering transfer of wealth from the middle class to the shadow elite, a lack of transparency in the government and financial markets, economic strangulation of the country by special interests, and the burdgeoning growth of government among others.

We recognize also that we and most Americans can agree on what approximately 70% of the issues are that plague us and appropriate solutions for the same.  We chose to leave that which we don’t agree upon on the back burner.  Time is too short and there remains too much to do, to right our ship of state and turn our Country around economically and in spirit.

It is our intent to build a super highway right up the center of the American political landscape and recruit as many as possible to work together on those solutions that will reignite nationalism, restore lost liberties, restore fiscal responsibility, reduce the intrusion by government into our daily lives, limit the size of government to what is reasonable to ensure a vibrant commerce, protect our borders and citizens and only those other tasks enumerated in the Constitution, and to above all instill in the national psyche that it is OK to be exceptional, that it is much preferrable to be in a race to the top, than to be racing to the bottom.

Most major indicators of our standing among the nations of the world show us in a precipitous decline.  We must reverse that, whether it be in our manufacturing capabilities , how our students stack up in the quality of education received, or in other ways vital to our national security, both financially and defensively.

We welcome you and hope that like us, you can commit to focus on what we can all agree on and accomplish what needs to be done as quickly as possible.  Once we are safely back on the right track, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss or even argue those issues that perpetually divide us.

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