Follow the Money

Who knows what we will find lurking about in the “shadows”.  This should be fun, tracking the “pay to play” crowd and the campaign rewards doled out to the loyal.  If you are aware of examples that tie contracts, appointments, earmarks and  other payoffs to large donors either directly or through lobbying firms, let’s shine a light on these activities.  We will need links to articles, the  legislation and the donations, appointments of large donors or the contract award and the donations, a trail that is readily verifiable, to approve the comments here.  No theories please unless presented in that light.  Let’s root out the infection of corruption, together.   Sunlight is natures antiseptic, transparency shall be ours.

A great place to begin following the money and easier to navigate and with more information than the FEC website the official repository of campaign finance reports, is where you can track donors, lobbyists, special interest groups, politician’s campaign and personal finances and a host of other information that will help reveal the “big picture”.

At Politicians & Elections see where the campaign contributions are coming from for any politician,  find out who’s doing the “earmarks”, compare campaign finances for the Presidential and all of the Congressional races,  and check out individual “Donors” and who they are giving to.

Find out who’s doing the lobbying and peddling the influence,  who the heavy hitters are,  identify the special interest groups and learn about the the “revolving door” to influence and corruption at Influence & Lobbying.

Follow our Federal Legislation page where we have a bill, the Campaign Finance Freedom and Transparency Act of 2012 and will soon unveil our “Revolving Door” bill.

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