Legislate  (lej i-slate)    Verb:        To create, make or pass laws.  To create or bring into effect by legislation.

Legislate is how we restore freedom, employ fiscal responsibility, limit the size and scope of government, re-energize the free markets, rein in those who are operating in the shadows and guarantee a prosperous future for all.  Every incursion on liberty, every tax dollar picked from our pockets and every other action by our government is enabled by either legislation or regulation.  We can right the wrongs of the past and set a responsible course for the future by using legislation to repeal, rescind or amend laws and regulations that are not working as intended or were just all wrong from the start. Legislation is the key to enacting any reform.


How A Bill Becomes Law

Federal Legislation

Current Federal Bills

Proposed Federal Bills

State Legislation

State Model Legislation

Interstate Compacts

Healthcare Compact

Tracking Bills

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