National Right-to-Work Act

The National Right to Work Act has been introduced in each chamber. Now it is up to us to move our legislators to action. Check the Co-Sponsors link to see who signed on and call the rest.

National Right-to-Work Act S. 504 Sen. DeMint, Jim (SC) Thomas link: S 504
3/8/2011–Introduced in Senate. 3/8/2011 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.
Senate Co-Sponsors (20)

National Right-to-Work Act H.R. 2040 Rep. King, Steve (IA-5) Thomas link: HR 2040
5/26/2011–Introduced in House. 9/8/2011 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions.
House Co-Sponsors (72)

Same summary statement both bills:

National Right-to-Work Act – Amends the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act to repeal those provisions that permit employers, pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement that is a union security agreement, to require employees to join a union as a condition of employment (including provisions permitting railroad carriers to require, pursuant to such an agreement, payroll deduction of union dues or fees as a condition of employment).

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